A Heretic's Guide to Climate Science

About the Book

A religious cult has swept the globe. The cult demands strict adherence to its dogma. And the cult does not tolerate dissent. It is the cult of progressive environmentalism.

In his new book, In Global Warming We Trust, author Tony Sadar warns that climate science has been seized by activists who put their political agenda ahead of scientific rigor and objectivity.

Ideas have consequences. The leaders of the cult want us to spend a trillion dollars canceling the Industrial Revolution. With the backing of the United Nations, they are pushing a plan to reduce worldwide carbon emissions—a move that if successful would relegate millions of people to lifelong poverty.


Tony Sadar contends that before we turn the lights out on modernity, we need to critically examine the assumptions behind long-range climate forecasts and plans to alter the Earth’s climate. He finds that today’s climate science is driven more by self-righteousness than the time-tested science virtues of rigorous data, skeptical inquiry, and no-holds-barred debate.

Sadar warns that climate science has become politicized and that activists’ goals interfere with scientific judgment. He calls on the science community to put an end to the unprofessional and anti-science practices of calling skeptics of a controversial theory “deniers” and “pseudoscientists.” He shows that despite claims to the contrary, leading scientists do not agree on environmental policies. As an atmospheric science insider, Tony Sadar cautions that environmental policymakers place too much confidence in proxy data, computer models, and long-range climate forecasts and are too quick to accept claims that fossil fuels are inherently bad, that humans are destroying the planet, and that only immediate and drastic action can save the world.

The book concludes with a call to action--a call to restore integrity and optimism to science.